“Judith is an extraordinary photographer - someone whose works are innovative, exciting and masterful. All of what she creates is worthy of being seen, shared and purchased!” Linda Appleman Shapiro, Collector

“I am continuously impressed by Judith because of her ever-ready energy level, curiosity about all things photographic, creativity in applying her photography skills to new disciplines, artistic style that is unique and in-demand, accomplishments that inspire others especially me, and beautiful imagery.” – Richard Seeley, Wildlife and Wild Places Photographer

"Judith's exquisite compositions and her attention to detail are evident in every beautiful photograph that she makes." Robert Herman, Photographer

“Judith's fine art photography is not only beautiful, exquisite in its grasp of lighting and amazing details, it serves as inspiration to fellow photographers. Her style is such that it "draws you in" to the photograph as you experience it as opposed to merely viewing." Bobby Baker, former Vice President Pro MI Monster Products 

"Judith represents all that is good about the amazing art work created in Gloucester MA. Her creativity and passion always impresses me." Iain Kerr, CEO, Ocean Alliance

"Our Curatorial Review Committee was deeply impressed by Judith's outstanding Black & White photography resonating with luminescent positive energy. We enjoyed her sterling vision of your "Nude Series" and the contemplative as well as celebratory nature of her work. Her  stellar photography reflects a powerful interplay of light interacting with a superb perspective. Judith Monteferrante's  photography treasures the human figure with its eternal visual symbolism and embodies a timeless message of respect and joy." AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY's Curatorial Review Committee

"Judith is a talented photographer with an insightful point of view built upon her personal and professional life experience. Judith refuses to compromise and always fully applies herself to create only the highest caliber work." Katrin Eismann, Chair, MPS Digital Photography, School of Visual Arts

"Judith is a talented artist whose expertise and creativity are obvious in every piece of her work. She is professional, passionate and dedicated to producing beautiful and insightful photography. I can highly recommend her. " Alison Nicholls Wildlife and Conservation Artist, Nicholls Wildlife Art


"Judith's photography is meticulous and engaging as it draws you in and expresses her point of view. She is enthusiastic, always researching and learning more about her craft as she gains recognition and accolades from her peers."   Law Hamilton, Photographer and Consultant