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Glass: Realism to Abstraction is an ongoing project that allows me to control light plus composition to create art that is not otherwise apparent in real life. This project started with the death of my only child and my desire to avoid the holidays. A cruise in 2007 allowed me to explore the book “Light, Science and Magic” and I was enthralled with the explosion of creativity that followed. I could conceive, construct and capture images of inanimate objects of various shapes, colors and textures either semi solid or translucent with their reflections that together represented my private vision.
Photographing glass and its reflections, creating abstractions from simplicity to pure indulgence in subject matter, while adhering to the principle that light illuminates and shadows define, led me to this metaphysical exploration of reality.
Glass BluesGlass with yellowWild GlassGlass ShapesGlass tangoOrange GlassSeeing GreenPastel GlassBlue Glass on WhiteColors of GlassGlass GemsBlack and WhiteCircular Motion in Orange