Judith Monteferrante Fine Art Photography author Gloucester MA Scottsdale AZ | YEAR END IMAGE REVIEW


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The end of the year is a great time to reassess your body of work; be it photography, painting, or other media. Here are my top ten images from the past I rediscovered on this year end review and why.

  1. African Spoonbill – I created this image by compositing the same bird, later in flight, into the scene to create a more interesting feel of movement. African SpoonbillAfrican Spoonbillafrican spoonbill duo in flight over a lake with water reflections and textured background
  2. Vervet Monkey – One of my earlier attempts in Photoshop to blur the background. Vervet MonkeyVervet Monkey
  3. Orchid Nector – My first study of glassware in the studio with the white background, black line technique. Orchid nectorOrchid nectorOrchids in pastel glassware on white with reflections and black line.
  4. Elephants in the Mist – The sepia tint enriched the old Africa look I wanted. Elephants in the MistElephants in the MistTwo elephants walking down a path in the early morning mist - in Africa, with sepia tones.
  5. Orchid on White – My early botanical study of the orchid which was a first-place winner. Orchid on WhiteOrchid on WhiteFirst Place in Photography - Magnolia Art show 2010
  6. The Grand Canyon – I appreciated the painting layer addition of color and texture to enhance the morning colors on the South Rim. The Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyonmorning toned colors on the Grand Canyon from the South Rim
  7. Dance of the Iris – I still love the studio image of the Siberian iris on a black background shot from above to establish the feeling of motion in a still subject and drama. Dance of the IrisDance of the IrisJapanese Iris in Blue Purple with hints of yellow against black background.
  8. Abundance by the Sea – A winter activity to study lighting still life to mimic the old European masters. Abundance by the SeaAbundance by the SeaLobster with grapes, violin, candle, orange and vase
  9. Moonset over Sedona – A fun grab shot without time for a tripod. Moon set over SedonaMoon set over Sedona
  10. Calla Study 2 – A classic Black & White study of a calla lily. Calla Study 2Calla Study 2B&W study of a calla lily against black.

Do a quick survey of your older images and see what you come up with. Narrow the list down to ten pictures and write why you liked them. You may be surprised!


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