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Flower Photography Review

April 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I recommend periodically reviewing your photography with a subject in mind. Look for common themes and perhaps others that the images will suggest to you. Therefore, I use keywords in LightRoom (or Bridge) along with color or other tags to make sorting these into one collection easier. You can add to a quick collection along the way, and then save them as a new collection.

Some thoughts and decisions to consider:

  1. Do you want a soft background (created with a wide open f stop such as F/2.8) Spring dogwoodSpring dogwood
  2. or a black or white simple background to make you image stand out? PoppyPoppyPoppy against black background.
  3. Do you want to use a studio background in color to complement your flower? TulipTulipDark pink and white tulip against aqua blue background.
  4. Is the flower suggesting a human activity, such as dancing, or suggesting an emotion? Dance of the IrisDance of the IrisJapanese Iris in Blue Purple with hints of yellow against black background.
  5. Is a macro floral portrait just about the soft colors or patterns in an image? Peony Glow 2Peony Glow 2Pastel with pink and yellow peony macro. Purity 2Purity 2White dahlia against white with pale yellow tones in center.
  6. Can you use in camera double exposure to create an image? This daffodil hanging on a string over black acrylic captured as it sways – as a triple exposure. Chorus LineChorus LineDaffodil triple exposure with reflections on black
  7. Create a static image suggesting a flowing circle or other pattern such as this bunch of orange tulips reflected on white acrylic. Orange Tulip CircleOrange Tulip CircleOrange tinged with yellow tulips on white refected in a curve.
  8. Immerse a flower in water or freeze flowers to confuse the viewer. DahliaDahlia20x30 metal 2/10 - Sold Ice QueenIce QueenFrozen pink tulip with ice crystals.
  9. Look for natural patterns in nature with curves or lines. All about the curveAll about the curveButterfly on a flower with a curved stem against a soft green background.
  10. Simplify a flower to its central element and use B&W to enhance the structure itself. VelvetVelvetCalla lily macro in B&W.
  11. Place flowers on a flat bed scanner in a dark room to create a physical montage. Yellow Floral MedleyYellow Floral MedleySunflowers and other yellow flowers against black background.
  12. Create a montage in photoshop using layers and textures. Two WorldsTwo WorldsPhoto montage of flowers and butterflies with texture.
  13. Go to extremes and create an abstract. Orchid Fantasy GlobeOrchid Fantasy GlobeOrchid against painted texture montage. Review your images and see what patterns emerge to find a theme to work on.


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