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Storytelling: Lavender

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Lavender is in the mint family and has a wonderful aroma. It is reportedly good to relieve stress, improve mood and promote peaceful sleep. It is native to the Mediterranean and does well with wet winters with good drainage and dry summers. Thus, I always like to have it in my gardens.

In Gloucester, I can grow English lavender (Hidcote) English lavenderEnglish lavenderHidcote lavender

but in Arizona the common variety is French or Spanish lavender (also called butterfly or Anouk lavender). Spanish LavenderSpanish LavenderSpanish or French lavender is also called Butterfly lavender for good reason.

A trip to England and the Cotswold’s happened to be at lavender time. A visit to a lavender farm allowed me to photograph the lavender fields up close. Remember, when telling a story, you want to highlight the big picture, smaller views and of course close ups.  

Visual storytelling may include captions, but the picture is the key element. Country RoadCountry RoadCountry road with a man with red tie and jacket walking along fields dotted with sheep.

Pre-visualize the story you want to tell. What will be the lead shot, subsequent shots and a closing shot. Gate to the Lavender FarmGate to the Lavender Farm

Think about all the key elements in your photography, such as light and composition.

Daisy laneDaisy lane

The images should emote a felling or meaning. Lavender ForeverLavender Forever

Never be afraid of failure. We learn from our mistakes. Lavender RowsLavender Rows


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