Judith Monteferrante Fine Art Photography author Gloucester MA Scottsdale AZ | December 2012 Photo Tips_ Make these your New Year’s Photo Resolutions:

December 2012 Photo Tips_ Make these your New Year’s Photo Resolutions:

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  1. Use a tripod to slow you down and allow you to think – as well as to stabilize your camera. AND review your camera manual. Learn to use all your equipment in an educated way.
  1. Learn to use your flash off camera and as fill light. Even in broad daylight, flash can improve your photography greatly. In mid-day sun, for shallow depth of field use your Auto Hi Speed FP flash settings (with minus 1 to 2 flash exposure comp) on you camera for Nikon or on the flash for Canon to allow bursts of flash despite the full sun without overexposing. If this seems daunting, sign up for my Creative Lighting course this February at North Shore Community College!  Info below.gloucester state fishing pier, fill flash, reflectionsMonteferrante_J_State Fishing Pier_Glouc (1 of 1)
  2. Don’t be afraid of the rain or foul weather. Shooting right after the rain can add reflections in puddles and any wet surfaces that can enhance the image. Stormy clouds create extra interest.Rain at Good HarborMonteferrante_J_Good Harbor in Rain (1 of 1)
  3. Wake up earlier to get morning light – right before and for about an hour after sunrise.  And/or eat later and shoot the hour before and after sunset.  However, don’t just shoot the sunset, but the scene behind you that the magical sunset is lighting! Good Harbor in early morning rain and fogMonteferrante_J_Good Harbor in Rain and Fog (1 of 1)
  4. Citiscapes with deep blue skies after the sunset (for about an hour) is a great time to shoot city lights at night.Manhattan LightsMonteferrante_J_NYC (1 of 1)

NEWS ON COURSES I am teaching:   


1. Creative Lighting Photography  

with Judith Monteferrante - at North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA

Four Tuesday evenings in February, 2013 (Feb 5 through 26th) 

For complete information, click on the link in blue above, go to the blue "Search" column on the left, click on "Instructor" and choose Judith Monteferrante.  

Sign up now.

2. Boston Camera Club - Creative Available Light - any light that is available. March 19, 2013 at 6 pm.  Parish House of All Saints Parish Church, 1773 Beacon Street, Brookline, Massachusetts.  Join the Boston Camera Club for monthly educational sessions.


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