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High Five Photo Tips for MAY

May 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
  1. Learn good habits, such as knowing your equipment; being adaptable (experience will give you the confidence to be adaptable); and being able to collaborate and share with others (you may gain some new skills and contacts along the way).Dahlias with textureDahlias
  2. Shoot what you love to make your work more personal and meaningful.Elephants in Sepia, Child following MomElephants
  3. Try motion blur effects:  using a tripod, Manual or shutter priority, small apertures, low ISO and or neutral density filter (to avoid overexposure).  Then adjust based on  your results and histogram to get the effect you want.  You may be surprised!
  4. Use a white bed sheet: As a reflector - on the ground to bounce some light up into faces above or on the side opposite the light source to fill in some shadows. Or as a diffuser (similar to a soft box) between the sun or any light source and your subject. A white pillow case can also be used if a smaller fill in area is needed. White foam core is another substitute white reflector. Covered with silver foil will even reflect more light. Black foam core will absorb light. Young girl at bridal showerGrace
  5. Having the skill of observing along with having your camera ready is essential to taking good candid camera shots. Practice, practice, practice.Blind begger in B&WBeggar


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