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May_People and Portraits

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1. Remember, portraits are usually in the vertical orientation, so do not forget to rotate the camera out of the landscape or horizontal mode. Try both orientations since sometimes horizontal may work best! Break rules only after you understand them.BEGGAREPV0061_edit_untitled_89 Leave some negative space.







MotherNudes_Barbara B-261





















2. A great portrait does not always need the face - add mystery. Less may be more!


3. Props or the environment are often an important part of the portrait. This includes clothing. Be aware of everything!

motorcycle with grey hair bearded man20090126_McNallyModelShoot_209

4. Look for a plain or simple background. Avoid distracting the eye with a busy background or an over-bright sky. You may need to move your subject. Sometimes standing a bit further away and zooming in to throw the background out of focus will be needed for a background to be less distracting and make your subject stand out easily.

child20090727_Kurzweil_Girls with lite_557

5. Be aware of various skin tones and preset your White Balance to a neutral target (custom white balance (WB) with a white or grey WB card or by shooting a color checker WB card to correct later.



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