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Break Some Rules for the New Year

November 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
  1. Forget the Golden hours of Dawn or Dusk: Shoot in mid-day with an infrared converted camera or digital SLR for high contrast images or on a cloudy or foggy day to create mystery. B&W or toned is often best. Schooner FestivalSchooner FestivalEastern Point Lighthouse during Schooner Festival races in sepia. __ Fogged In Paint FactoryFogged In Paint FactoryFoggy seascape in B&W plus red with calm harbor waters and cormorant sitting on buoy.
  2. Ignore the rule of thirds for greater freedom: Move with your feet and not just use your zoom lens. See the world from all angles to find a unique perspective. Blue WaterBlue WaterStill blue water with boats and dory's at Beacon Marine, Gloucester Harbor, MA
  3. Avoid Program or Auto modes as well as Scene modes if you want to advance your photographic skills: Learn aperture priority with exposure compensation to adjust your exposure; darker for silhouettes or lighter. Or, even better, use manual and adjust your aperture or shutter speed to achieve the look you want. Take control! Sunrise, BudapestSunrise, BudapestRiver view early morning with tree line and sun reflected in the calm waters.
  4. Ignore the Histogram only after you learn how to interpret it: The histogram is just a guide since every picture will have a different histogram. Just avoid blowing out the highlights (look at the binkies) and try for detail in the shadows. 
  5. Don’t always shoot with the sun at your back: Side lighting will reveal texture and detail while back-lighting can create rim light or silhouettes. SlimSlimB&W nude silhouette on the rocks. Orange SkiffOrange SkiffB&W with orange skiff among black or brown ones along a dock.

Learn the rules but then try breaking them to see the effects? Have fun and look around you. Slow down by using a tripod. Learn by making mistakes.


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