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Spring into spring with Flower Photography

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  1. Vary your depth of field (DOF = Zone of acceptable sharpness) to see what looks best. Get close to your flower and have a background that is distant from your flower with nice muted or complementary shades. This first cone-flower at f/9 (more wide open aperture) has a softer background than the one shot at f/22 with the same 105 mm macro lens (focal length). OR use a more telephoto lens zoomed in at 200 or 300 mm while able to be more distant from the flower. The key factors that influence DOF: aperture, focal length and distance to the subject.      Coneflower at f/9Coneflower at f/9Pink magenta purple cone-flowers with muted background in pastels. Coneflower at f/22Coneflower at f/22
  2. Change your position. Don’t just shoot down on a flower or flowers. Look at them from below or from the side. Early morning dew as on this tulip adds to the dreamy quality. You can bring a spray bottle to help if nature disappoints. Adding glycerin to the water will help produce larger droplets. Pink Tulip with DewPink Tulip with DewPink tulip macro with morning dew again soft green background
  3. It wind is your enemy, go with it. Try long exposures on a tripod to capture the flowers motion in the wind. Or hand hold and zoom your lens in or out while twisting the camera to produce this effect (Spin-Zoom). Tulips zoomedTulips zoomed
  4. Find an object of interest in or around your flower to spice up your image. Here this green tinged insect brings in the background colors. Cone-flower with bugCone-flower with bugGreen bug at the center of a cone-flower
  5. Look for abstract or graphic elements. These colorful roses add a softness or drama to the rose petal curves. B&W will bring out the texture. Peony B&WPeony B&WSide view of a peony in B&W. Rosey RoseRosey RoseMacro of a dark peach colored rose. Square format. Roses are RedRoses are RedVibrant red rose macro.


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