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June 2014 Photo Tips: Travel Photography

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  1. Shoot iconic structures from a different vantage point. Move around. Follow the light to choose front, back or side lighting. Early morning and dusk are favorites but stay later waiting for the deep blue sky post sunset and use a tripod for longer exposures.
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  2. Do some close ups or macro images. This helps to tell the story by exploring one aspect of it. These iris are in Monet's Gardens.  _-5_-5 _-6_-6
  3. Look for patterns or reflections. This helps train your eye to see and makes a more interesting picture. Remember, you need an interesting foreground, mid ground and background for a good landscape! _-4_-4
  4. Try double exposures in camera. Read your manual! This makes a well-known scene look completely new and fresh. LouveLouve
  5. Consider B&W or Sepia. This gives an air of drama or antiquity to your image depending on your location. And remember, just have fun. Paris viewParis view Eiffel tower down the streetEiffel tower down the streetEiffel tower from the neighboring street with appartment buiildings_in B&W.


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