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Pet Photography:THE JOY OF A DOGS LIFE

October 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

Sense of Place

An assignment I was given at the Griffin Museum of Photography Atelier 21 program recently was “A Sense of Place”. We were told to walk around and shoot images of the area where you live, spend your weekends, were you work, etc. Thinking about that I planned on staying around my home and area. I did not want to include the gardens since so much of what I do is flower and still life photography. I decided to photograph the day to day life and joy of my pets. Since it was not easy walking with them on a dual leash and shooting with a DSLR, I was not happy with the results.  So I changed the concept to more of a illustrative approach such as for a Children’s book: “THE JOY OF A DOGS LIFE”. I used the new Topaz Impression application after basic processing in LightRoom. More to do and text to write!

Cuba: wake up timeCuba in Bed

Cuba's wake up time with his toy "Baby". BabyBaby

Tony and Cuba waiting for their morning walk. Waiting for the WalkWaiting for the Walk out of bedout of bed

Down the driveway! The long walk startsThe long walk starts

Pure joy running on the morning dew covered lawn. JoyJoy

Starting the exploration: ExplorationExploration

Their favorite place: our favorite placeour favorite place our viewour view What do you think? A fun assignment. Try it yourself with Topaz Impression.



Alison Nicholls(non-registered)
Love these Judith! The action you've captured is great. Glad to see Tony & Cuba doing so well.
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