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2015_August Photography Tips_Landscapes in the Cotswolds

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  1. Rule of thirds is best. Place a 3x3 grid over the scene in your mind and place your subjects at the intersection of the grid lines. However, sometimes the photo works anyway, such as the field of flax below. the strong sky and foreground field splitting the photo nearly in half. Poppy fieldField of Poppies
  2. Choose your center of interest and make it stand out or be part of the whole scene depending of what you want to express. _-4_-4 _-3_-3

  3. Change your angle of view and move around. For example, look at a field straight on, or take the picture at an angle leading towards something else of interest. _-2_-2 Lavender with cottageLavender with cottageLavender field with cottage.

  4. Try both verticals and horizontal views. Verticals are less common since you need to rotate the camera but are often more interesting. Silent ReflectionSilent Reflection _-2_-2

  5. Don't forget to look up!!
    You can obtain a sun star shooting with a narrow aperture, such as f/22. Don't look directly at the sun with your eyes or your camera). __


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