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Fall Colors

September 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Great colors with orange, yellow and reds in the Northeast and into more yellow – golds in the west.  Time to explore and enjoy the seasons where ever you are.

  1. Use long exposures to shoot water or best waterfalls in the fall scenery. Use a small aperture (such as F/11 to F/22, remembering apertures are a fraction), Low ISO, polarizing filter and then a slow shutter speed (variable – need to test the results and adapt) to soften the water. Water motionWater motion Fall Waterfall at DamFall Waterfall at Dam
  2. Use long zoom lenses to isolate the leaves and colors. Use a tripod to stabilize.  If windy, remove lens hood to help. PumpkinsPumpkins
  3. Shallow Depth of Field - will help isolate your subject.  Fall ZenFall Zen
  4. Move your camera: while panning, racking focus, zooming in or out and during longer exposures. Fall MotionFall Motion
  5. Look at reflections to double the bang! Perfect FallPerfect Fall
  6. Shoot low and wide to get the whole picture of the moment. Essex FallEssex Fall


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