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High Five Photo Tips for September: Using Light in Photography and Painting

September 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment
  1. To create white lines on glassware that defines edges against black: Use 1. white panels on the sides that are lite either from behind with a large light source behind a white sheet or with a soft box OR 2. from the front with light focused on the white panels using a flag to block the light from hitting the front of the glassware.Limes with Blue Glass on BlackBlue goblets with limes
  2. Using a white background panel with dark on the edges will create black lines on the edges of glass.
  3. Using Plexiglas panels as a surface - in clear, white, black or mirrored - can create reflections to enhance the image.
  4. Learn to use window light creatively to enhance a mood.  In the early evening, sending a light from outside through a window (covered with sheet or frosted shower curtain – or rain) can change the mood of portrait.
  5. Remember, light illuminates and shadows define. Using them effectively, will create the mood of the picture. And Light has direction. “American Gothic” by Grant Wood illustrates the use of light direction to sculpt the face adding character to the male figure while the broad lighting of the woman softens her features.American GothicMore images on my newsletter and website  so sign up now at: http://www.judithmphotography.com


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