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High Five Photo Tips for October, 2012

October 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

1. Remember most people want to feel CALM, and strive at achieving it. Look for images that speak to you about calm and relaxation. B7W sailboat with graphic lines and calm watersSolitary Sailboat 2. Simplify.  The new key to life! Or maybe always the key. 3. Consider Color or B&W.  What works for each image? B&W often appears more dramatic and graphic. Portrait in B&W of TomTom 4. Find a theme! Water, sky, street, nature, men in suits, nudity in nature. The choices are overwhelming. But choose one and stick with it.  dahlia in water with bubbles against blueSwirl

5. Shoot daily. Everyone is now a photographer and recent poll said 1 out of 125 adults say they are visual artists. Really???  Hard to believe. So what you do need to set yourself apart? Read, attend workshops, practice! Keep experimenting.


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