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April 2015 Blog_ Photography of Shopkeepers

March 31, 2015  •  1 Comment

I never really appreciated rapid fire street photography but rather admired portraits of people, such as shopkeepers, that I would find in my locale or in travels. This blog will highlight some of the shopkeepers I photographed during my exploration of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get to know the people you are photographing. Make them comfortable. Ask about their shop and their jobs. Deli ManagerDeli Manager

2. I always like to give back. I return on many occasions to the same locale and bring prints for them as gifts or give them jpegs if desired for their own social medial and PR. Word spreads and the cooperation keeps improving.

Behind the Deli CounterBehind the Deli Counter Playing CardsPlaying Cards

3. Linger. Don't rush. Be part of the community. This will allow you time to set up for a particular photo even using off camera flash without causing discomfort or alarm.

Pulling Fresh MozarellaPulling Fresh Mozarella Meat MarketMeat Market

4. Accept humble offerings of coffee, cheese, pasta etc. since they want to show you that your work is valuable to them. Show respect and they will respect you. Fresh PastaFresh Pasta

5. Enjoy your new found friends. Expand your horizon and try other neighborhoods that you would like to get to know.

Enter the Fish StoreEnter the Fish Store Mayor of Arthur AvenueMayor of Arthur Avenue



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You are superb man! Its really good that you usually like to relinquish. You come back on numerous occasions towards the same area and provide prints to them as presents or provide them with jpegs in case desired for his or her own interpersonal medial as well as PR. Term spreads and also the cooperation maintains improving.
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