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MAY 2015_Flower Photography

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Try different lighting in the studio, such as back lighting with a softbox (or use any light softened with a white sheet) behind your flowers. Tulip ReflectionsTulip ReflectionsPink and orange tulips reflected on white.

Add a secondary light to the flowers themselves for emphasis. Orange Tulip circleOrange Tulip circleOrange tinged with yellow tulips on white refected in a curve.

Change the background to black with black acrylic for reflections for more drama. Digital paint for a romantic look.

When able to do outdoor photography with spring to summer flowers, try wide open apertures to get bokeh, or soft backgrounds. Coneflower in my gardenConeflower in my garden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       f/3.2 f/3.2f/3.2Bokeh with f/3.2 f/36f/36 f/36


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