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Basics of Composition: Rules to Follow or Break!

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
  1. Simplify and declutter. Remove unnecessary components or objects that distract from your composition. Zoom and move up, down and around to find the best view. Get low to add foreground interest. Monument Valley entranceMonument Valley entranceEntrance to Monument Valley with orange sand and blue skies.
  2. Rule of Thirds’ dictates that the main elements that make up the image should fall near or on an imaginary vertical or horizontal thirds. Sometimes a centered piece works well. Play around to see what works the best. Bolders SunsetBolders SunsetSunset colors on boulders with Saguaro cactus.
  3. The horizon should be level and not at the midline. However, I recently saw a photographer with wildly crooked horizons which was his style and an artist who used the midline for all her horizons so in a tryptic of ten, it worked. Experiment. Forrest Gump roadForrest Gump roadBack side of Monument Valley.
  4. Avoid leaving large empty spaces but this composition may work to create a mood of serenity.
  5. Make sure the foreground, mid-ground and background are interesting and flow to create a uniformed piece. Long WalkLong Walk


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